Chuck's Coin is making every effort to ensure looters with stolen coins and jewelry are identified and brought to justice.

If your property was stolen from your home or vehicle, file a police report with your local authorities first.

How Chuck's Coin is helping:

Chuck's Coin always requires positive identification and current, government issued Photo ID for all purchases. For any jewelry purchases, we also require a finger print and report the jewelry pieces using the Department of Justice's state-wide California Pawn & Second Hand Dealer System.

We work closely with our local authorities and assist whenever possible. We realize we may see an influx of stolen items in the coming months, and will be closely scruitnizing all transactions to ensure criminals are identified and reported.

How to accurately describe your items:

For Coins, describe the country the coin is from, the manufacturer ("mint"), size and weight, purity, and design of the coin. Most coins have mintages of hundreds of thousands or millions, so anything unique about yours or it's packing is extremely useful. For example, be sure to describe if the coin had a hole in it, or if it was in a special holder or case.

For Jewelry, describe the type of item, color, purity (10k, 14k, 18k, Sterling, etc), approximate weight, and the color, shape, size, and quantity of any stones. Like coins, be sure to note anything else that can identify your items such as inscriptions or the jewelry case/box it was in.

If you have pictures, the Redding Police Department allows you to upload them along with your report and we highly reccomend you do so.

Reporting your items to Chuck's Coin:

Once you have filed a police report, we encourage you to bring in a list of items with detailed descriptions and any pictures you may have. Additionally, please be sure to include the agency you reported the theft to, the case number, and the officer or deputy assigned to your case if available.

You may also fax a list to (530) 338-3232, or email a PDF to Please include your full name and a phone number to reach you at.

Was your Gold and Silver damaged or destroyed in the Carr Fire?

Chuck's Coin is waiving refining service and shipping fees for victims of the Carr Fire. Click here for more information.