Chuck's Coin is waiving refining fees for Gold and Silver damaged in the Carr Fire.

Gold and Silver damaged in fires is often unrecognizable, however it can still be assayed and refined to determine it's purity and actual metal weight. Chuck's Coin will be waiving all refining and handling fees for victims of the Carr Fire who need to trade in their damaged or destroyed Gold and Silver.

Special Payout Schedule:

  • Gold: 90% of Net Metal Content
  • Silver: 90% of Net Metal Content

Special Gold Fee Schedule:

  • 1+ Ounces: Free
  • 0-1 Ounces: $50.00

Special Silver Fee Schedule:

  • 100+ Ounces: Free
  • 0-100 Ounces: $20.00

We are waiving our service and shipping fees on all lots, and offering our maximum payout of 90% regardless of size. Unfortunately the fees for less than 1 ounce of Gold, or 100 ounces of Silver are charged to us by our refiner and we are unable to waive them.

Was your property stolen in the Carr Fire?

Please visit our resource for theft victims by clicking here.