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Trade your unwanted jewelry in for cash!

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Can I really get cash today for my broken chains and earrings? With Chuck's Coin, you sure can! We have the ability to payout on any type of unwanted gold or silver during your visit. When you deal with Chuck's Coin, there is no middle man. As one of the largest distributors of gold and silver in the U.S., we have direct access to refineries around the country and negotiate the best prices with each of them. Call (530) 246-2370 today.

Chuck's Coin buys any kind of unwanted jewelry you can throw at us. Broken chains, watches, earrings, rings with missing stones, and even placer gold. We offer no-obligation and completely free quotes when you stop by.

Bars, rounds, U.S. coins, and more.

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Meeting the Needs of Redding

Chuck's Coin has people who come to us for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for the perfect birthday present, while others are looking to secure the future of their children or grandchildren. Whether you need a tenth of an ounce, or thousands of ounces, Chuck's Coin is able to supply it at consistently low prices. As one of the primary distributors of precious metals in the United States, Chuck's Coin is able to offer those low wholesale prices to our local Redding customers. Cut out the middle man, and shop directly with the distributor at Chuck's Coin.

We welcome you to stop by our store today and view our selection of products. The best part? When you decide to buy, and pay with cash, you can pick up your merchandise the same day. No more waiting for the mail to come in, or the store to receive their shipment. We have it when you need it.

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Looking for a special coin for a birthday? Need more information about how to get an appraisal on your collection? Call (530) 246-2370!

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  • Address: 2930 Bechelli Lane, Redding, CA 96002
  • Phone: (530) 246-2370

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  • Saturday & Sunday - Closed